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Published in WATERKEEPER Magazine!

The Summer 2013 edition of WATERKEEPER Magazine was just published (online + hard-copy) and includes two feature articles I wrote and took photographs for. The first is about coal pollution in China and the second is about the Yamuna River in Delhi and Agra. Both talk about the work that Waterkeepers are doing in Asia to fight for clean water. Click on the picture below to see the full online magazine or follow the links beneath it to jump directly to the articles.

A copy of WATERKEEPER magazine I received in Shanghai

Article #1: China Coal

Article #2: This Sacred River Must Live

Many thanks to Waterkeeper Alliance, especially Donna Lisenby, Sharon Khan and Marc Yaggi, for supporting me through my work trip to visit Waterkeeper organizations across Asia. And much credit is due to writing guru Tom Quinn for his encouragement and keen editing skills. Shout-outs to all the amazing Waterkeepers in China, Bangladesh and India! Waterkeeper Alliance was kind enough to send over a couple dozen hard copies of WATERKEEPER magazine for me to distribute in Shanghai. In can you are wondering where I have gone, I am currently working at the newly-formed NYU Shanghai as an academic fellow in writing. I am shifting gears towards a more writing-oriented life!


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