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Goodbye Vermont (Hello New York)

Vermont, Vermont, we’re through
I don’t want to lead you on
…I’m leaving, gone

Your body, at its summer’s finest
I hadn’t yet won
Your warm, sunny rolling hills of green and gold
Streams, rivers and ponds, refreshingly cold
Dark, star-freckled skies
Mirrored by fields of dancing fireflies
Bees and butterflies floating ‘round flowers’ heads
Of blues, yellows, pinks, reds
Berries on bushes, soft, swollen, ready to burst
Come off in handfuls, slake my thirst
Stain my lips

Your peace, supreme
I hadn’t yet earned
Just me
And the whispering wind
Sun on my bare body, reading on the grass
Running on wooded trails clad only in shoes,
And the air in my lungs, cool, fresh, smooth
Scented with pine, moss, and tree

How could I leave thee?
Your bosom of green
Sleepy town commons
Of peace signs and tie-dyes
Co-ops and farmer’s stand pies
Cherry Garcia, Phish Food
Organic brews

To fairer pastures I cruise?
The opposite, in fact
To a faster, dirtier life
In that great American city,
New York, New York

But why, you ask?
To make it rich? Take it big?
Not really, for starters
Just to be in the midst of creation
Even if that means destruction
Making my own way, scraping by,
To find dreamers, saviors, lovers, hustlers; inspiration
To know Colombian-, Russian-, Kenyan-Americans
To share stories and adventures
So I can begin to embrace
This great nation, this wide world
And within it, shape my place


3 comments on “Goodbye Vermont (Hello New York)

  1. Cecilia B.
    August 3, 2012

    Very lovely. But do you really run in the nude? Aunt Ceci!

  2. Nicolas A Barona
    August 3, 2012

    Can I take the credit of “colombian” as my unsolicited cameo in this heartfelt poem??

  3. Scott Bressler
    September 7, 2012

    I obviously should have been following your blog more closely! So awesome you’re in NY now!

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