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Back in the USA

The flight was short and relatively uneventful. Sleep took me.

I arrived at San Francisco International Airport in the evening with no no idea where to go and a couple of phone numbers. I needed to be downtown at the Chinese consulate first thing in the morning to get a visa for my study in China. So I asked around and was told several different things before deciding to take the northbound BART train into the city to find a hostel/hotel. A couple of stops north, a woman sat down across form me on the train and asked where I had come back from. As it turns out, she was a transit bus driver in SF and had all sorts of recommendations for me. I got off three stop later and found the hotel she had said was affordable.

Luckily, my friend Jeremy called just before I stepped in the hotel and told me how to get to his place, about 25 minutes away by train. On the crowded train, after getting jolted over and knocking an old Chinese lady on the knee with my suitcase, I got a seat. As fate would have it, the lady sitting next to me was from Rhode Island and had worked in Guilford, CT. She was now living in SF with her husband and children and had amazing blue eyes. She helped me get off at the right stop.

On the way down to Jeremy’s place, I happened across a homeless man selling a street paper similar to Megaphone, a street paper I volunteered at in Vancouver’s downtown east side. I chatted with him about the paper and bought one from him. He helped direct me to the Jeremy’s address.

None of Jeremy’s flatmates were home, I so headed back to the street to hunt for food. The neighborhood seemed to boast a predominantly Asian set of food joints, so I approached three girls and asked them where I could find some non-Asian food. I clarified by mentioning that I was from Vancouver and all I usually ate was Asian food. They directed me to a wonderful sandwich shop named Plutos where I had a gigantic toasted turkey, bacon, guacamole, and veggie sandwich, sweet potato fries, and a beer. I didn’t get carded and it was cheap and oh so good. Or maybe I was just starving and from Canada. Either way, I was home, back in the good old US of A. 


2 comments on “Back in the USA

  1. Greg Van De Mark
    August 30, 2011

    i’m hungry now

  2. Cannot play ping pong
    August 31, 2011

    That is a LOT of cheese. Just sayin’

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