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A Farewell to Vancouver

Dear Vancouver Friends,

When I first touched down at Vancouver International in May 2009, I literally knew no one in town. But my two brief years in Vancouver were nothing short of wonderful – I must thank you all for welcoming me with open arms and being so gracious with your time and friendship. All the breathtaking scenery, the sunny outdoor days, the rainy indoor days, the long nights, the hikes, bikes, walks, and everything else Vancouver has to offer wouldn’t have meant half as much without your company. I have learned, laughed, and grown along side you – and wish for that to have continued for months and years ahead – but such is the timing of life. And while we will certainly be separated in a physical sense by thousands of kilometers, great oceans, great nations, and Great Walls, I wish to remain connected on other levels (that’s what technology is for, no?!). It is thus with a mixture of excitement, trepidation and sadness that I left Vancouver this 24th of August.

I’m setting off for a year of adventure in midwest China, where, some people say, the thick, particle-heavy air is best enjoyed through the filter of a lit cigarette (not to worry, my university has at least one stand of sickly trees (as seen on their website) to help clean it out).

I hope that, through various feats of technology, we’lll be able to stay in touch once I am within the benevolent bounds of the Great Firewall of China. Email should always do the trick. And I will be maintaining this blog:

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